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Home & Emergency Backup

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Make Your Power Durable and Safety

With a unibody design and aluminum frame, Mars 716 is always ready for any tough situation and durable enough for the outdoors.

GreenPower has a solid partnership with Ganfeng Lithium, and all of our battery cells come from Ganfeng Lithium; its strict quality control produces the safest lithium battery cells.

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GreenPower has clean production workshops, and production personnel work in an orderly manner.

Every assembled GreenPower portable power station must undergo strict inspection.

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Due to the special safety requirements of lithium battery products, we insist on testing their performance after they are static for a certain period.

The products are packaged and completed for storage according to the contract with the customer.

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We have rich experience in cross-border logistics solutions and assist customers in delivering products safely and on time to the destination port.

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