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GP 60W Mono Foldable Panel Electrical Features

With a peak power output of 60W and a lightweight, foldable design, the Ample60 portable solar charger is perfect for on-the-go power needs, such as camping, hiking, and outdoor activities.

High Solar Output

With 10 grid lines + Grade A monocrystalline silicon + multi-split cells, Ample has a high solar conversion rate of up to 22%, helping you get more energy to recharge your power supply

Built to Weather the Storm

With a high-performance ETFE film, the solar cells can withstand wet to dry and dusty environments. Ample also comes with protective fiberglass to avoid bending and damage.

One-Piece Folding Design

With a unique single-piece folding design, it is convenient to store and easy to carry, perfect for your off-grid life and on-the-go travel.

Compatible Interface

Uses a widely compatible MC4 interface, suitable for almost all common brands of power station on the market. For GP’s power supply series, we recommended GP Mars 256/ GP Mars 320.

Adjustable & Self Supportable Stand

With the magnetic backing support stands, you can easily set up the solar panel any
where and flexibility adjust its angle to receive as much sunlight as possible.

Our solar panels are mainly designed for energy storage and distributed photovoltaics, with our designers carefully crafting each product.

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Advanced automated production equipment greatly improves the production efficiency and product yield of our photovoltaic panels.

Our workers carefully trim and inspect each semi-finished product to ensure that every subsequent product meets the required standards.

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Our photovoltaic solar panels feature a high-quality ETFE coating on the surface to ensure durability and waterproofing, greatly extending the product lifespan.

Once the product is completed, it is portable and foldable. We provide a finished product to our customers for remote inspection and demonstration as per their request.

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During the pandemic, we were able to guarantee shipping space and delivery time for our US customers thanks to our long-standing friendly cooperation with shipowners and freight forwarding agencies. We arranged shipments with great care and urgency.

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