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What are the features of GP home energy storage products compared to other brands?

The GP series of home energy storage products insist on using automotive A-grade lithium-ion batteries, and strategic cooperation with Ganfeng Lithium ensures the safety and stability of our home energy storage products, with battery charge and discharge cycles of up to 5000 times.

Is there enough profit margin for integrators or traders in your home energy storage products?

Our distributor pricing strategy has been fully researched and has strong competitiveness in the industry, with good feedback from European and American customers.

Are inverters and solar panels available for home energy storage products?

Our company has a first-class R&D team, and inverters and solar panels are our own brands, providing customers with one-stop purchasing and selection.

What is a home battery backup system?

A home battery backup system is a type of energy storage system that can store energy from solar panels or the grid. These systems can provide backup power during blackouts or times when additional power is needed.

What are the benefits of a home battery backup system?

A home battery backup system can provide numerous benefits, such as:
● Keeping your home powered during a power outage
● Reducing your reliance on the grid
● Saving money on your electricity bill by using stored energy during peak hours
● Reducing your carbon footprint by using renewable energy.

What are the available options for home battery backup systems?

GP offer 5.12KWh and 10.24KWh home battery backup systems that can meet the needs of various households. These systems are designed to be compact, efficient, and reliable, ensuring that you have access to backup power whenever you need it.

What is a solar inverter?

A solar inverter is an all-in-one device that converts the energy from your solar panels into usable power for your home. These systems are designed to be efficient and can reduce your reliance on the grid.

What are the available options for solar charger inverters?

We offer 3KW all-in-one solar inverters, 5.2KW hybrid solar inverters, and 5.5KW hybrid solar inverters. These systems are designed to be easy to install, operate, and maintain, ensuring that you get the most out of your solar energy.

What are the application scenarios for GP outdoor power supplies?

GP outdoor power supplies have a variety of interfaces and are suitable for electrical appliances such as mobile phones, computers, drones, photography, videography, VR shooting, and car refrigerators. They are used in outdoor scenarios such as outdoor leisure, RV travel, home emergency, disaster relief, and outdoor work.

What are the advantages of portable outdoor power supplies compared to traditional gasoline generators?

Portable outdoor power supplies are quiet and environmentally friendly as they do not rely on gasoline. They can be charged through AC power, car chargers, and solar panels.

How do I use a solar panel?

To use GP's solar panels, simply plug in the panel and it will easily charge the product using solar power.

When I press the GP’s Portable Power station’s buttons, it have a beeping sound, can I remove it?

Yes, when you turn on the power station, you can press the USB button 3-5 seconds, the beeping sound will be removed. You can press the USB button 3-5 seconds to restore the sound.

To fully recharge the power station, how long does it need?

There are 4 ways to recharge the power station: about 3 hours by using an ACwall adapter (include); about 7 hours by using an PD adapter; about6 hours from Ample 200 (depending on weather, not include); about 5 hours byusing the car charger.

How to know the working times for my device?

The actual working time = 716 Wh * 0.9 1 operating power of your device. Theduration of our equipment is based on laboratory data, and the duration of specific equipment usage may vary under different situations.

What battery does GP’s power station use?

Premium LiFePO4 battery, which offers the power station more than3000 cycdes.

Are Green Power solar panels charger waterproof?

All GP’s solar panels are IP65 rated, which means rain wet will not affect the normal use.Caution: If you wish to clean your solar panel, use a gentle stream of water and do not use seawater or corrosive liquid.

Why does the power not automatically turn off after turning it on?

Our power supply adopts a special design to ensure all kinds of inconveniences caused by power failure due to special reasons when charging important equipment at night. After use, just long press the main power button to shut down.

Can I use the power station to run other equipment while it is charging?

Yes, GP Mars supports pass-through charging.

Scratches and marks on the LED screen, is this portable power station used?

All of our products are new. The scratches and marks are the protective film on the LED screen, the protective film can protect the LED screen from scratches during the transportation and it can be tear off.

The peak rating marked on the product is 384W, does it mean that it can charge products below 38

No, the continuous rating power of this product is 300W.So it can only supply power to machines below 300W.

You have a wide range of products. How can we choose and get commercial technical support?

Currently, GP offers portable energy storage, home energy storage, inverters, and solar solar panel products. In addition to providing standardized products for you to choose from, we also offer customized services. You can contact us to obtain comprehensive product information. If you need business training, we can provide product technical support through online meetings or technical service personnel in your region.

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