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Pre-Sale Support

At GP (GREEN POWER), our factory produces photovoltaic panels, home storage batteries, inverters, and outdoor portable power sources. We prioritize excellent communication with our customers, believing that exceptional products require exceptional support. We have been listening to our customers' ideas since our establishment, hoping to grow together and achieve common business success.

Pre-Sale Support

Our sales personnel are available 24 hours a day, with a commitment to reply to customer inquiries within 12 hours.

We provide complete technical, application, and business policy training for our full range of products.

Multi-language (English, German, French) product technical manuals are available.

We provide solutions and product selection support based on specific application scenarios.

We offer attractive distributor pricing policies in the energy storage field.

We have extensive experience in cross-border logistics and transportation to assist in on-time delivery of ordered products.

After-Sale Support

The outstanding performance of GP series products arises from people's needs, shimmering with innovative brilliance. We have confidence in the quality of our products and provide high-quality after-sales service support.

Debugging and installation: The debugging and installation of GP series products are not complicated. The packing list includes detailed and clear instructions, and we also provide online and offline guidance.

After-sales guarantee: We provide a 2-5 year after-sales warranty, and any quality problems that occur during the warranty period will be repaired or replaced for free.

Contact information: If there are any quality issues with our products, we suggest that you contact us directly as soon as possible. We promise to provide an after-sales solution within 24 hours, and our service personnel in major countries around the world can also provide support.

After-Sale Support

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