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Social Responsibility


In 2013, when our company was established, we actively participated in volunteer activities. We organized several voluntary clean-up activities in the local community to clean up garbage and public places for residents. Additionally, we gave multiple technology lectures on solar cell principles and applications to students at local primary schools.

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In 2015, a major explosion occurred in Tianjin, China, and our company actively participated in local aid work. We donated a batch of household energy storage batteries to the disaster area and sent employees to the disaster area to help local residents with repairs and recovery work.

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In 2017, our company strengthened employee welfare guarantees. We established an employee charity fund to provide employees with certain medical and educational assistance. Additionally, we provided employees with health checks and fitness activities and emphasized employee vocational training and promotion opportunities.

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In 2019, the outbreak of the novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic in China, and our company actively responded to the country's call and participated in the anti-epidemic work. We donated a large number of household energy storage batteries and portable power banks to some hospitals and isolation points to provide stable power support for medical staff and isolated people. Additionally, we donated certain materials and funds to provide some help to people affected by the epidemic.

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In 2021, we established a volunteer group in Shenzhen, China, regularly organizing employees to participate in community volunteer activities to provide life assistance to community residents.

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In 2023, we organized exhibitions and experience activities for household energy storage batteries and solar inverters in multiple cities to let more people understand and experience the advantages of solar energy.

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In the future, we will continue to strengthen product quality supervision to ensure that our products meet international standards and environmental requirements, and contribute to protecting the environment and improving the quality of life.

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