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What are the types and features of Home Battery Backup?


Home energy storage products refer to energy storage systems designed for residential use, typically installed alongside home solar photovoltaic (PV) systems to provide electricity to households. A primary motivation for users to adopt these systems is to save on electricity costs. Peak household electricity consumption occurs at night, which often does not align with solar power generation during the day. Energy storage systems can help users store excess electricity generated during the day for use at night. Additionally, since electricity rates can vary throughout the day with peak and off-peak pricing, these systems can charge during off-peak periods (either from the grid or home PV panels) and discharge during peak periods to avoid higher costs, thereby effectively reducing electricity bills.


Core Components of Home Solar + Storage Systems


A typical home solar + storage system comprises:


  • Photovoltaic panels for solar power generation
  • Battery storage for storing excess energy
  • Storage inverters that handle bidirectional power conversion (charging and discharging)


The cost distribution for these systems is approximately:


  • Battery cells: 45-50%
  • Storage inverters: 10-15%
  • PV system components: 20-25%
  • Installation costs: 15-20% (which increased from around $10,000 in 2021 to about $20,000)


Common Types of Home Solar + Storage Systems



  1. Hybrid Home Solar + Storage SystemHome Energy Storage
    • Description: This system includes PV panels, lithium batteries, hybrid inverters, smart meters, CT, grid connection, and loads for both on-grid and off-grid situations.
    • Functionality: During the day, solar power first supplies the load, then charges the battery, and any excess can be fed into the grid. At night, the battery discharges to supply the load, with any shortfall supplemented by the grid. If the grid fails, the system provides power to off-grid loads only.
    • Features: High integration reduces installation time and cost, smart control meets user power demands, and it provides reliable power during grid outages.
  2. Coupled Home Solar + Storage SystemHome Energy Storage
    • Description: Also known as an AC retrofit system, it includes PV panels, grid-tied inverters, lithium batteries, AC-coupled storage inverters, smart meters, CT, grid connection, and loads for both on-grid and off-grid scenarios.
    • Functionality: Similar to the hybrid system, but designed to retrofit existing grid-tied solar systems to include storage. The system first supplies the load, then charges the battery, with any surplus fed into the grid. During outages, it powers only off-grid loads.
    • Features: Lower initial cost for retrofitting existing systems, provides reliable power during outages, and compatible with various grid-tied PV systems.
  3. Off-grid Home Solar + Storage SystemHome Energy Storage
    • Description: Comprises PV panels, lithium batteries, off-grid storage inverters, loads, and diesel generators.
    • Functionality: Solar power supplies the load during the day and charges the battery. At night, the battery discharges to supply the load, with the generator providing backup when the battery is low.
    • Features: Suitable for areas without grid access, can combine with diesel generators for additional power, but typically cannot feed power back into the grid.
  4. Solar Energy Management SystemHome Energy Storage
    • Description: Includes PV panels, grid-tied inverters, lithium batteries, AC-coupled storage inverters, smart meters, CT, grid connection, and a control system.
    • Features: The control system can receive and respond to external commands, manage real-time control and dispatch, and optimize grid operations for more efficient and economical power use.


Global Market and Trends


The home energy storage market is primarily overseas, especially in regions with high energy costs such as Europe, the United States, and Australia. In contrast, China's market focuses more on generation-side storage projects due to significantly lower residential electricity prices. However, globally, residential energy storage is experiencing rapid growth driven by renewable energy promotion, supportive policies, increased installations of home PV systems, rising energy prices, and substantial differences in peak and off-peak electricity rates.


European Market


Europe is the largest residential energy storage market, with significant growth supported by policies such as the "Clean Energy Package" (CEP) and "REPowerEU" which boost investment in renewable energy and solar system construction. High residential electricity prices and the burden of energy costs further accelerate market growth. By 2021, Europe had installed 1.8 GWh of residential energy storage, increasing to an estimated 2.8 GWh in 2021, with Germany leading with the highest number of installations.


Market Projections


According to industry research, the global residential energy storage market is rapidly expanding. In 2021, the global additional residential storage installations amounted to 1.91 GW, with battery capacity at 4.36 GWh. Projections indicate that by 2022, global residential storage installations will reach 15 GWh, with shipments hitting 24 GWh. By 2025, these numbers are expected to grow to 50 GW and 122 GWh, respectively, with shipments reaching 196 GWh.


If you're interested in learning more about our solar energy storage offerings, we encourage you to explore our product line. We offer a range of panels and battery that are designed for various applications and budgets, so you're sure to find the right solution for your needs.




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