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Mini-grids offer a potential solution to Nigeria’s power crisis.

GreenPower has assisted many regions in Africa in establishing cost-effective Minigrids projects, Many places in Africa are currently in need of mini-grids. In this article, we will discuss the assistance that minigrids bring to the energy crisis in Nigeria. You can contact us for more info.

Mini-grids, also known as Micro-grids, small-scale electricity generators interconnected to a distribution network to power a small group of customers, can augment supply from the aging grid, experts say. Renewable energy specialist Matilda Obuh states that mini-grids are highly beneficial for rural communities with limited energy access. Mini-grids offer advantages to communities that lack proper energy service, particularly benefiting those in rural areas with minimal


energy access, receiving only 2-4 hours per week or lacking connection to the main grid. These systems prove highly beneficial for areas that are underserved, especially in rural regions facing limited energy availability or lacking grid connectivity.

Obuh emphasizes that mini-grids offer reliable energy at an affordable cost. Worldwide, there is a noticeable transformation in how electric power systems are perceived, transitioning from traditional large power plants with centralized transmission to a more adaptive, decentralized, and robust model. Energy expert Collins Obi emphasizes that this shift in perspective corresponds with the growing demand for democratization, decentralization, decarbonization, and digitalization in the realm of electricity access.

Within Nigeria's power sector, a myriad of challenges confronts the industry, encompassing operational governance dilemmas, financial liquidity issues, infrastructure shortcomings, and substantial ATC&C losses. Obi suggests that mini-grids, with their modularity, functional capability, scalability, and cost-effectiveness, are designed to address these challenges effectively.

Mini-grids are typically deployed through a community-based model,

Mini-grids offer a potential solution to Nigeria's power crisis (4)

characterized by small manageable areas, efficient demand and supply management, effective metering, stakeholder engagement, optimal operational governance, accountability, reliability, and sustainability. Given the expensive nature of power infrastructural investments, mini-grids emerge as effective solutions for electrifying remote, unserved communities, reducing electrification costs, and accelerating energy access.

The capital cost of deploying such projects is further reduced when mini-grids are grid interconnected. Obi underscores the need for collaboration between traditional utilities and developers to electrify underserved communities, especially considering the unattractive financials of many traditional distribution utilities in Nigeria's power sector. Mini-grids serve as vehicles to connect capital effectively to business opportunities in the energy industry, with site-specific deployments and limited, manageable boundaries.

Mini-grids offer a potential solution to Nigeria's power crisis (3)

A substantial portion of Nigeria's 87 million people without energy access resides in rural areas. Mini-grids emerge as a highly impactful and attractive electrification model, overcoming grid constraints and geographical barriers in these regions. Additionally, locally operated mini-grids contribute to supporting the local economy and creating job opportunities.

GreenPower has extensive experience in minigrids projects in Africa. Please feel free to inquire for more information.




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