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Home Energy Storage Systems: An Emerging Trend in the Global Energy Landscape

Amid the global energy crisis and the carbon neutrality goals, coupled with technological advancements and consumer upgrades, as well as the trend towards refined energy utilization, energy storage products are increasingly being used in homes. Especially in Europe and the United States, home energy storage is becoming a household staple. In recent years, an increasing number of Chinese families have responded to the national call for "green energy" by choosing this form of storage. Not only can it save on electricity bills, but it also qualifies for policy subsidies, contributing to the nation's "dual carbon" goals in everyday life.

Home Energy Storage Systems

Why Install Home Energy Storage?

Home energy storage products, also known as power storage products or "Battery Energy Storage Systems" (BESS), are typically installed alongside residential photovoltaic (PV) systems to provide electricity for household use.

Working Principles

1、System Block Diagram

2、Mode of Operation

Self-Consumption Mode: This mode stores electricity for nighttime use, doubling the use of green electricity in the home. It is an effective way to reduce the carbon footprint and achieve energy independence.

Peak Shaving and Valley Filling Mode: Through intelligent charging and discharging, the storage system charges during off-peak or flat rate periods and discharges during peak periods, providing optimal economic value based on time-based charge and discharge control.

Backup Power Mode: In this mode, the storage system provides safe and stable energy during grid outages, utilizing stored energy when the grid is down.


How to Choose Home Energy Storage?

With a variety of home energy storage products available, how can one choose the perfect fit? At least three basic standards should be met:



Each household's electricity environment is different, with factors such as house orientation and roof structure affecting storage efficiency, and users having varying electricity usage scales. Therefore, users need a customized solution tailored to their specific conditions when choosing a home energy storage system.

GREEN POWER offers the URANUS 5000 and URANUS 10000 series home energy storage products, providing custom-designed solutions, on-site installation, and after-sales service. By professionally analyzing local PV policies and user needs, we help users choose the most suitable home energy storage products and optimal configuration, maximizing solar energy utilization, improving generation and storage efficiency, enhancing user experience, and shortening payback periods for long-term benefits.

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Household electricity needs may increase over time. Thus, a storage system that can expand its power generation capacity to meet growing demands is crucial.

GREEN POWER's URANUS 5000 series features a scalable, stackable battery module design (flexibly combining 4-8 modules), allowing for 10.24-20.48kWh battery capacity expansion. Users can adjust the battery capacity according to their electricity needs at different stages.



Battery application safety is paramount. Home energy storage systems must have high safety standards to prevent accidents and should enable intelligent monitoring to promptly understand the status of backup power and prevent issues.

GREEN POWER's home energy storage systems use high-quality lithium iron phosphate batteries, which are safe and reliable with a cycle life of over 6000 times. The equipment features visual alarm designs with LED indicators for battery level and fault alarms. The entire system is tested and certified by TÜV Rheinland, ensuring product safety and reliability.

All products are integrated with GREEN POWER's Baill Cloud Energy Management System, which can monitor battery performance in real-time, provide multiple protections against overcharge, overvoltage, overcurrent, over-discharge, overheating, and overload, and automatically integrate battery data. It identifies faults in real-time and resolves issues remotely, enabling unattended operation. The system is also compatible with the GREEN POWER APP and EMS system for users to remotely monitor the energy production and usage on their smartphones.

Choose GREEN POWER for Peace of Mind in Home Electricity

Hubei Forest Protection Station Home Energy Storage Project

Project Scale: PV: 12.96kWp; Storage: 2x(6kW/9.21kWh), 2x(5kW/9.21kWh)

The products we provided for the forest protection station ensure reliable power supply, utilizing AI technology to optimize operational control strategies and significantly improve energy utilization. This project, a pilot for the Hubei light storage microgrid, has garnered significant attention from local power companies and forestry department leaders.

Nordic Home Energy Storage Project

Project Scale: 5kW/4.6kWh, 5kW/9.21kWh, 5kW/13.82kWh

We provided self-produced home PV storage split machines, integrated with our Baill Cloud Energy Management Platform. Through intelligent management, it achieves energy consumption visualization, optimizes storage configuration with big data diagnostics, and enhances macro-control capabilities for energy savings, meeting clients' needs for optimized operational strategies

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GREEN POWER: Accelerating the Path to a Zero-Carbon Future

GREEN POWER, with the mission of "making energy safer, more efficient, and cleaner," offers comprehensive customized energy storage systems and solutions. Our products are sold in many countries worldwide, earning widespread recognition. We empower a better future with robust capabilities, accelerating the construction of a new zero-carbon future.

If you're interested in learning more about our solar energy storage offerings, we encourage you to explore our product line. We offer a range of panels and battery that are designed for various applications and budgets, so you're sure to find the right solution for your needs.




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