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Exploring Microgrids: The Path to the Future of Smart Grids

Microgrid refers to a small power generation and distribution system consisting of distributed power sources, energy storage devices, energy conversion devices, loads, monitoring and protection devices, etc. The purpose of microgrid is to achieve flexible and efficient application of distributed power sources and solve the problem of large-scale and diverse distributed power sources connected to the grid. The development and extension of microgrid can fully promote the large-scale access of distributed power sources and renewable energy, achieve high-reliability supply of various forms of energy to loads, and is an effective way to realize active distribution network, which can make the transition from traditional power grid to smart grid.

Exploring Microgrids: The Path to the Future of Smart Grids

What are the characteristics of smart grid?


Smart grid has the following characteristics:


Micro: Mainly reflected in low voltage levels, generally 35 kV and below; small system size, system capacity not exceeding 20 MW, usually megawatt level and below.


Clean: Power supply is dominated by renewable energy or targeted at energy integration and utilization such as natural gas combined-cycle power generation; the ratio of installed capacity of renewable energy to maximum load for grid-connected microgrids is above 50%, or the efficiency of energy integration and utilization is above 70%.


Autonomy: The microgrid basically achieves self-balance of power supply and demand within the microgrid. The annual exchange of electricity between the grid-connected microgrid and the external power grid generally does not exceed 50% of the annual electricity consumption, and when operating independently, it can ensure continuous power supply for important loads for a period of time. The independent microgrid should have the ability to black start.


Friendly: It can reduce the impact of large-scale distributed power access on the power grid, and the exchange power and time period between the grid-connected microgrid and external power grid are controllable. Through the coordinated control of power sources, loads, and energy storage systems, power exchange with the power grid can be realized. It can provide users with high-quality and reliable power and achieve smooth switching between grid-connected/off-grid modes.


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